APCTO is the non-profit association which represented, in years past when the association was active, a broad array of correctional and treatment services offered throughout the United States and around the world. Based on the observations that there was not a huge need for such an organization, the members of the association (e.g. academics, non-profit, for profit, service providers, government officials, students, and individuals) collectively decided in 2008 to disband the formal membership and hierarchy of the association. The former APCTO members decided to reserve the option to come back together, should a need arise.

At this point, the Facility Database is being kept current by Management & Training Corporation.

In its 40-year history in North America, contractors, and government partners in the corrections and treatment industry continue to help bring down costs, improve quality, and increase accountability. Here is an example of how this important public-private partnership has produced these three key benefits.


Officer Training





Less Cost

Taxpayers can enjoy significant savings by utilizing public-private correctional partnerships to design, finance, build, and operate prisons, jails, community corrections facilities, and juvenile justice programs. These savings are derived from a variety of benefits offered by privatization and are documented by numerous independent research studies.

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High Quality Service

Providing safe, secure, and humane care and custody for offenders is the most critical requirement of any public-private correctional partnership. Saving money at the expense of quality of service provides no value to the taxpayer. Many facts and independent studies document the high level of service provided by the private sector.

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Increased Accountability

Taxpayers, through local, state, and federal contracting agencies should demand the highest possible quality of operations at the lowest possible cost, and they should have recourse if standards are not met. Public-Private Correctional Partnerships ensure that the private operator of a particular facility is held accountable to a much higher degree than are publicly-operated facilities.

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